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A Day Trip

spiraling out

11 October 1985
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I'm a person who spends there time over thinking and over analyzing constantly. I’m extremely open minded because the only I’m sure of is that there is nothing anyone can be sure of. I think about humanity a lot because it seems to be something that can never be understood, so I have to think about it. A person might wonder why I’m going into the outdoor recreation field and not psych., sociology, or philosophy… I’m not because these are sciences that are attempting to explain something that is growing changing unpredictable. I believe anything I need to know that will help me to better understand is through actual experience with people and human ways. I want to learn myself and learn with others. Knowledge can taught exchange but wisdom can not be. The outdoor environment puts us all back into our natural state makes our true self’s exposes and this is the way to achieve an understanding of one another. Once a degree of understanding is reached then healing bonding and unity will begin and in turn a healthier world for the human conscious to live in. Like I said… I over thing and over analyze way too much… so there you have it.